3D Modeling

Some Game Ready Assets Ive made over the Years. 

Made using Maya, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Quixel, Marmoset and Unreal

M720 Custom Revolver - The concept was done by an artist on DA and I got permission to give it a shot in 3d

Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor - One of my favorite armors, tried to balance low poly-limit and detail

The Dinosore - Created for the Team Fortress 2 Sniper, I created this from scratch. Concept, Modeling, UVs and texturing. 

Mateba Revolver - An attempt at one of my favorite and wacky designs of revolvers. The mateba barrel is on the underside which makes it unique. 

Iron Man Mk III - An early attempt at modeling one of Iron Mans many armors.